Yoga with Ling

My intention

My intention is to empower you to live a truly fulfilling and balanced life, through yoga.


My style of teaching seeks to cultivate the awareness and integration of the body, breath, mind and inner self. It also encourages free flow of movement and aims to expand your mobility, strength, as well as your consciousness.


I invite you to be open, curious and playful on this journey of growth and discovery.


Read my yoga journey in the blog here.

Style of Yoga

Vinyasa flow. The word “Vinyasa” means “to place in a special way”.


There is no set sequence, it is deeply personal and creative for free flow of movements.


Inspirations come from anywhere and everywhere, surf, dance, primal movement, martial arts, to name a few. 

Online classes

Yoga is for everyone and we want to make it accessible for all. 


We appreciate it is a difficult time for many and yoga is needed more than ever. We offer discounted, pay as you can payment method, as shown below. 


If you are facing financial hardship, we would like to offer free sessions to help you through. Please email us to discuss.


Look forward to moving with you on the mat.


Beginner Course

Learn frequently used yoga poses with detailed pose analysis, as well as fundamental vinyasa yoga elements. Ideal for beginners.


Tuesday 7:30AM - 8:20AM UK time

(starting from 8th Sept. 2020)


at comfort of your home via Zoom


£3-£5 pay as you can


Weekly Slow Flow

Slow flow of movements. Explore space around you and the connection between breath and movement, body and mind. Tailored for beginners.


Thursday 8:00AM - 8:50AM UK time



at comfort of your home via Zoom



£3-£5 pay as you can

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Massage Supplies


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