Yoga with Ling

My Intention

My intention is to empower you to live a truly fulfilling and balanced life, through yoga.


My style of teaching seeks to cultivate the awareness and integration of the body, breath, mind and inner self. It also encourages free flow of movement and aims to expand your mobility, strength, as well as your consciousness.


I invite you to be open, curious and playful on this journey of growth and discovery.


Read my yoga journey in the blog here.

Style of Yoga

Vinyasa flow: the word “Vinyasa” means “to place in a special way”. There is no set sequence, it is deeply personal and creative for free flow of movements. Inspirations come from anywhere and everywhere, surf, dance, primal movement, martial arts, to name a few


Yin yoga: the word "Yin" comes from Chinese Taoist philosophy, where its counterpart is "Yang". Yang and Yin are interconnected and interdependent on each other. Yang is sun, Yin is moon. Yang is male, Yin is female. Yang is effort, striving, active, Yin is surrender, acceptance, rest. Yang is muscle, Yin is connective tissue.

Yin yoga allows the space and time for the body and mind to quiet down, surrender and relax, by resting into well needed silence and stillness.

Online Classes

Vinyasa Slow Flow

Slow flow of movements. Explore space around you and the connection between breath and movement, body and mind. Tailored for beginners.


Tuesday 6:30PM - 7:30PM GMT



at comfort of your home via Zoom



£5-£10 pay as you can

Not sure whether this is 


Yin Yoga

Rest into Yin yoga poses, allow the body to surrender, relax and open and allow the inner world to surface. Breathe deeply and enjoy the stillness and silence within.

All levels welcome.


Thursday 6:30PM - 7:30PM GMT


at comfort of your home via Zoom


£5-£10 pay as you can


“I liked everything but particularly the pace of the practice, Ling’s words and tone as she talks through, it makes you focus and very calm, and the breathing exercises are great!”


- Georgia

1-2-1 and Small Group Classes

I also offer private 1-2-1 or small group yoga classes, which offer an opportunity to tailor the class to your goals, needs, interests and convenience, both for time and location. 

These sessions can be delivered both in person (adhere strictly to government recommended social distancing rules after lock down) or via Zoom online.

If you are interested in private classes with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


“The structure and pace is perfect. We’re always eased in with a nice warm-up, building up to practice and poses with a fab cool down. Love learning more about yoga as well as we go along.


The class each session challenges a different part of the body and the pace of building up is perfect. I really feel I’m building strength. Could listen to Ling’s voice all day long at the end!”


- Stephanie

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