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Bamboo Bath Caddy

Your Spa Experience at Home

Create the ultimate Spa experience at home and surround yourself with your bath essentials to enjoy during your precious 'me' time. 

Our bath caddy is made from 100% natural bamboo, which is a renewable resource and eco-friendly.

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*Terms and conditions: 1) Offer limited to one per customer; 2) This offer is only available in the UK; 3) 100% rebate includes the full payment of the product at purchase, excluding any additional shipping fees; 4) Limited stock is available for this offer. It will be on first come, first serve basis. Once all the available stock has been claimed, this offer will close. Thus signing up to the mailing list doesn't guarantee you will receive the 100% rebate offer. However, you'll be automatically enrolled to our next rebate offer when it becomes available. 5) We will send the rebate offer via email to 5 people on the mailing list every day. Detailed instructions will be given to buy the bath caddy on Amazon UK and to claim the 100% rebate. On receiving the email you will have 24 hours to buy the product and claim the rebate, otherwise, the offer will be released to others.


Sign up to the rebate mailing list and wait for the offer email.


Follow instructions to buy from Amazon UK within 24 hours receiving the offer. 


Upon receiving the bath caddy, fill in the rebate form. 


100% rebate payment will be sent within 10 working days via Paypal.


Relax and Unwind in This Winter

Simply chill and relax with soft music; Or to catch up with your favourite show with a glass of wine; Or to unwind with a good read.


Whatever your preference, we got you covered. 

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