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Yoga Is For Self-Acceptance

This is one of the biggest learnings I had throughout my yoga teacher training.

I had the bias to be super bendy, strong, and to be able to put my body to all sorts of poses for me to be respected, or to be accepted as a yoga teacher. That was the benchmark I set in my head anyway for a good yoga teacher.

Clearly, I took yoga as another journey of constant pursuing for more, to practice to reach a certain goal, or shall I say, to satisfy my ego's desire for recognition.

What I came to understand, slowly, is that Yoga is a practice to exactly tame that desire for achievement. It's a balance act between effort and surrender. It's about mindfully tuning in with the body and curiously enquire what it's ready to offer in the given moment of a given day. It's not about who can do more crazy poses, but about whether you are present enough to pick up the subtle cues and observe the subtle sensations. It's an act of moving meditation.

"Yoga is not about self-improvement; it's about self-acceptance." - Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

You will get stronger and more flexible as you practice yoga asanas, but that is not the only goal. The journey of getting there, the experience of creating the union with the breath, the body NOW is what yoga is about.

You don't have to get anywhere, wherever you are now, it is enough.


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