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Do You Love Yourself?

all of me loves all of you; do you love yourself

This was the first time I asked myself this question. I had been chasing other people’s love for so long that I had never questioned if I love myself.

When I first asked myself, ‘Do I love me?’ I felt exposed, it was a question I hadn’t ever considered. It stripped me of all my facades and reached my inner being. I was initially in shock that such a simple question felt so provocative. I was embarrassed that I wasn’t giving my love to myself.

I have always felt self-assured and confident but loving me was a whole new level I hadn’t experienced. It was reaching my true self; I could feel my heart beating against my chest and the release of love I had for myself.

Saying, ‘Yes I love me’ does not do it justice. Words cannot describe the love I have for myself, it’s an experience of purity and love.

I encourage you to ask, ‘Do I love me?’, ‘Do you love me?’, ‘Do I love myself?’. See if these different questions offer different answers or experiences.

Do not judge your response, except where you are in your journey. You might be at the beginning of the realisation of love for yourself, or you may already be there. It doesn’t matter the starting point, it matters that you make small steps of progress each day.


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Love and light x

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