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Child Pose: Balasana Explained

As we spend more time indoors and with the 'sitting and digital culture', we create much tension in our body without realising it. 

We are going to create a series of yoga practice posts that you could practice at home. All of these are not anything new or inventive, it was more out of the love to share and spread the knowledge that certainly benefited us hugely.

You don't need to be super bendy, flexible or strong to practice yoga. As long as you can breathe, you can do yoga. Choose and modify the poses to suit your body condition and emotional need at that time. 

Today is the first one: Child pose.

Child pose to me, means rest, relaxation, safety, recharge and let go. Allow the gravity to pull us closer to Mother Earth and to surrender. This is a great pose to enter into especially when you feel overwhelmed, anxious and restless.

Key benefits:

  • lengthen the spine

  • releases tension at the lower back

  • stretches hips, thighs, ankles and shoulders

  • massages inner organs

  • aids digestion

  • releases fatigue and energises the body

  • calms the mind

Pose guidelines:

Option 1:

Knees bent about hips width distance apart, gently sit on the heels. Take a deep inhale, then on the exhale, gradually rest the forehead on the floor as you fold forward from the hinge of the hips. Arms rest next to the torso, palms facing upwards. Close the eyes and breathe into the back of the torso. When you come out of the pose, on the inhale, slowly place palms next to the head, gently push the floor away and lift up the head.

Option 2:

Big toes together, knees wide apart. Take a deep inhale, on the exhale, slowly fold forward from the hinge of the hips, with arms stretched forward, forehead resting on the floor. This helps stretch the inner thigh and release the tension built up around the hips. When you come out of the pose, on the inhale, slowly lift up the shoulders, walk the hands back and lift up the head.


If you have knee injury, or the hips were not sitting on the heels comfortably, you could place a cushion or yoga block between the hips and calves before fold forward.

Let us know how you get on in the comments.


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Namaste x


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