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6 tips for your Wellvivid LED make-up mirror

(Image: Wellvivid LED lights make up mirror)

We have compiled common uses for your Wellvivid LED make-up mirror. If you don't have one yet, check out our Amazon store!

1. Take it with you!

We have designed the mirror to be durable and it is very easy to transport when you go on holiday or travel. Close the mirror case, detach the base of the mirror to save space, take some AAA batteries or simply just take the USB cable, and you are good to go! The mirror fits nicely in your luggage.

2. Adjust the mirror to the right light

Once you turn on the lights, you can hold the button to dim the lights to the exactly right lighting, based on your natural light condition. Remember the mirror will save your light brightness automatically, so next time you turn it on it will be on the same level of lighting!

3. Extended length for the USB Cable

If you want to use the mirror and can't find a main socket near by, our USB cable (with extended length) will come to rescue. If you have a TV or computer nearby, you can connect it to them and there you go, it's ready to work!

4. Adjust the mirror angle to your needs

No more for you to change your position to try to get a better look at the details, our mirror is adjustable for 180 degrees, you can adjust the angle of the mirror to your needs.

5. Use the 2x and 3x magnifying mirrors for perfecting beauty details

Our mirror also has got a built-in 2x and 3x magnifying mirrors, it comes handy when you clean your eyebrows or do your eyelashes - it's ideal for you to do your final touches and perfecting little details.

6. Sharing is caring, if you live with your husband or boyfriend, let him use it too!

As good as the mirror is for doing your make up and daily beauty routine, your boyfriend may find it just as useful when he is shaving or grooming his beard :)

Let us know what other ideas you have come up with for using our mirror, in the comments below!

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