Meditation helps cultivate stillness and presence. We are our own worst enemy, more often than not we let our mind dictate our life. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions tell us what we want and how we feel. And thus we spend a lot of time and energy battling these thoughts and feelings, wondering if this is how life is meant to be. 

We are not our thoughts or feelings, we are born happy and peaceful yet we have learned to cover it all up. Like the Sun hidden by the clouds, once you remove the clouds the Sun shines through. Use these short mindful meditations to help you uncover your own clouds and discover the peace and happiness you have always had.

Live Meditation


Mindful Coffee Break (15min)

Using your cup of coffee as a focal point, explore its qualities and bring alive your senses and finish the practice with a gratitude meditation to be grateful to everyone who was involved in providing your drink.

When: 4:00PM GMT every Monday to Friday

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Loving Kindness Meditation (30min)

Connect with the present moment and send our loving kindness to ourselves, others and the whole universe we live within. Feel the warmth of loving kindness within. 

When: 8:00am GMT every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Blissful Sleep


An evening reflection (4min)

Reflect about your day in stillness. Acknowledge your daily successes and failures. Know that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Be grateful for what the day brought you, relieve yourself from stress, and know that you are capable of handling what tomorrow may bring.


Relax into a good night's sleep (4min)

This short guided practice gently relaxes your body and calms your mind, bringing you into a deep and peaceful sleep. Through breathing and mindfulness you will find yourself sink deeper into your bed as you get a good night's sleep.

Relax into blissful sleep (6min)

This short guided practice gently relaxes your body and calms your mind, bringing you into a deep and blissful sleep. Through breathing and mindfulness, you will find yourself sink deeper into your bed as you get a good night's sleep.


Grateful for today and sleep well tonight (5min)

Through reflecting and giving thanks for the events that have happened today, we can use this gratitude to cultivate an inner peace and presence for entering a blissful sleep. Suitable for practicing in bed or just before going to bed.


Refreshing Morning


Morning restoration and intention (6min)

Start your morning with restoration and intention. Through deep, intentional breathing, find stillness, relaxation and peacefulness. With newfound energy, connect with others who are also meditating. Feel refreshed and alive for the coming day ahead!


Mindful coffee break (3min)

During your coffee break, why not listen to this guided meditation which uses your cup of coffee as a tool to reenergise and focus the mind and body. You will get an instant mind reset, preparing you to return to your daily activities with a clear headspace. 

Relaxation and Being Present


Relaxation through the breath (9min)

Through simple deep breathing, we can centre our mind and body into the present moment. Letting go of any stress or anxieties, breathing is a pathway to the universal life force to live peacefully and joyfully.


Being present and letting go (8min)

This guided practice will bring you to the present moment, making you aware of any thoughts of feelings and letting them go. This will help you bring more awareness into your life, allowing you to detach from feelings, thoughts and desires and to access peace and joy within.

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