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100% Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy

Connect with Your Senses


Set the mood with candle lights, close your eyes, listen to your favourite soft music, soak in the scents, nurture your body with a glass of refreshing drink, relax submerged in your aromatic bath salts. Enjoy the moment and just be.


'Me' Time Entertainment

Place your tablet on the grooves in the plank, catch up with your favourite show with a glass of wine, and lock away the outside world.


Our caddy is designed to fit a tablet up to 10.5 inches, enjoy the extra space for a bigger screen experience.

Unwind with A Good Read

Let go of what happened in the day, unwind with a good book and soft music. Soak into the hot bath, prepare a healthy drink and care for your mind, body and spirit.


100% Natural Bamboo with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Create your own Spa experience at home, with our 100% natural bamboo bath caddy. Bamboo is a renewable resource and eco-friendly.


Shop at ease with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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