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About Us

In a rapidly changing world where everyday seems to bring more challenges and unknowns, and where people are always striving for more, we tend to lose focus on what is best for ourselves and others. Ling and Andy, wife and husband, were trapped in this cycle, they believed there must be something more to life - this was the start of a journey of deep soul-searching.


(Image: Ling and Andy dreaming about their future during honeymoon in Peru in 2019)

Ling, a yogi, surfer, branding professional, student in Advaita, Taoist and Stoic philosophy, keen explorers in different cultures and Oneness of us all. Andy, a surfer, magician, technology consultant, a student of ancient Eastern philosophy. They decided to take some time off to travel and to reflect on life whilst surfing and practising yoga.


Looking for the answers into the 'purpose of my life'; they found it in the magnificence of a hundred year old tree, in the singing of the morning birds, in the brilliant shine of waves gliding in the ocean, in a smile of a stranger, in a baby’s cry and laughter, in a deep breath and in a moment of pause. They thought maybe nature (including our True Selves) have always had the answers... we were just too 'busy' to notice. 


That’s how Wellvivid was born. We wanted this to be a place, where people can stop by, enjoy a guilt-free break, connect with oneself and others from yoga practices, meditation and our blogs, experience the nurturing nature provides from natural products and remedy


Welcome to Wellvivid and happy exploring!